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The Online Learning platform of CWC PROFESSIONAL CULINARY STUDIES gives you the chance to attend a Professional Culinary Studies and gain Gastronomical knowledge and skills using any device you want (laptop, tablet, smartphone).
No matter where you are, you can have access to your education courses forever!
Learning through videos and assessments contributes to enriching your personal knowledge by watching the video courses at any time convenient to you.
Gain important and specialized knowledge into the field of Culinary Arts.
Opt for the course that best suits you, attend it and use the certificate of participation in your CV!
Learn the most delicious recipe: the recipe of your personal success!
The Expertise Culinary Network

Download the files:

Download the course files, Recipes, Food Cost Calculation, Nutrition Facts, Bonus Tips.

Download file: The Course Recipes.
Download the file: Nutrition Facts of Recipes.
Download the file: Extra Tips of Recipes.
Download the file: Food Cost of Recipes.

The Online Learning platform of CWC PROFESSIONAL CULINARY STUDIES makes it possible for you to keep the files containing the education courses and seminars forever.
You will need to save the following on your computer:

  • The .pdf file containing the Recipes with high-resolution photographs.
  • The .pdf file entitled “Nutrition Facts” that refers to the nutritional value of each recipe.
  • The .pdf file that contains Extra Bonus Tips for the recipes.
  • The Excel file that contains the Food Cost Tool which will help you calculate the cost of each recipe and modify it the way you want!

Your Library

Create your own On Line Cooking course library


  • The Online Learning platform of CWC PROFESSIONAL CULINARY STUDIES gives you the chance to create your own On Line Library with courses on Culinary Arts.
  • You have access from any device!
  • Create your own Professional Library and have access to it at any given moment.

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