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CWC PRO Professional Culinary Studies Cooking Workshop Consulting

“The Company”

CWC PRO PROFESSIONAL CULINARY STUDIES is licensed as a Lifelong Learning Center (license number: 191169677) which exclusively focuses on the educational field of Culinary Arts (Cooking, Pastry & Confectionery).
CWC PRO offers special and effective educational programs and Master Classes seminars with the aim of providing specialization in various culinary fields. In this way, the students can obtain important knowledge that will help them stand out in the job market.
CWC PRO covers a surface of 650 square meters where there are numerous laboratories in modern functional facilities. The state-of-the-art equipment that exists in these facilities ensures that the lab courses can take place in the best conditions possible.
CWC Cooking Workshop Consulting provides services that have been carefully planned for B2B in the following fields:

  • planning, organizing and arranging intra-corporate events and experiences
  • planning and implementing promotional strategies
  • providing consulting services to food businesses and food providers, as well as consultation about relevant technological equipment.

High aesthetics

CWC Cooking Workshop Consulting offers services in the field of gastronomy both on an individual and on a collective level. Our services have been planned with extra care and deep insight into the field and thus, mutual benefit is the goal. At the same time, we combine benefit with reliability and creativity.

CWC PRO is a certified exam center of ACTA (ACTA Spin Off Aristotetle University of Thessaloniki).

Become a successful chef by choosing CWC PRO PROFESSIONAL CULINARY STUDIES
for your specialization in the field of culinary arts.

  • Become an expert and learn the secrets of cooking, baking and confectionery that will make you stand out and be a valuable asset in the food industry.
  • Get access to the latest trends in the International and Greek Professional Cuisine!
  • CWC PRO The Expertise Culinary Network

CWC PRO Master Classes

CWC PRO has formed a network of experts in Gastronomy (The Expertise Culinary Network) that is made up of distinguished Greek and international chefs. Thus, we organize Master Classes seminars throughout the year and we become a place of professional and creative knowledge, as well as a center for culinary experiments while the chefs reveal the most creative secrets from the world of gastronomy.
Our experts share the latest trends in gastronomy with professionals and students, as well as people who are only just making their first steps in the world of gastronomy.
The seminars and Master Classes organized by CWC PRO PROFESSIONAL CULINARY STUDIES are taught by famous, distinguished and upcoming chefs and thus, they offer you the specialized knowledge that you need in a constantly expanding and competitive food market.
Choose the seminar that best suits you, attend the courses and use the certificate of participation in your CV!
Learn the most delicious recipe: the recipe of your personal success!

CWC PRO The Expertise Culinary Network

About CWC PRO Professional Culinary Studies


Lifelong Learning Center (Id code.191169677).

CWC PRO is a certified exam center of ACTA (Spin Off Aristotle University of Thessaloniki).

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