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About Courses.

On Line Courses is a method-tool of online training. Watch On Line any lesson you need at your convenience, anytime you can using your computer or mobile phone.

Download-save the course files as:

  • the recipe,
  • the Tips,
  • the Nutrition Facts of the recipe,
  • the excel file for calculating the cost.

The only thing you can not download - save is the Video of the course but you have it at your disposal at any time by logging in to your account.

At the end of each course you have the opportunity to obtain and print the certificate of attendance with your name. *** You must have spelled your name correctly during your registration. If you want to correct your name go to the menu Profil (top right) and Settings for its correct submission.
Having created your account at and acquiring any course you need you can add it to your Profile courses. Your own courses are available to attend at any time you want from any area you want. You can also refer to the lesson of your library that interests you at any future time you need it.

A course usually contains:

  • His teaching in Video specially designed with special production and not just recorded.
  • Accompanying .pdf .xlsx files such as the Recipe, the Tips, the nutritional value of the recipe, the excel file with the calculation of the cost that you can download and with the possibility of printing.
  • Some questions in the form of a Quiz with the possibility of pointing out your mistakes, showing the correct answer and grading to evaluate the knowledge you gained from the lesson.
  • Certificate of attendance of the course with your name available for printing to include in your CV.

The courses you have acquired are for PERSONAL AND ONLY USE, and its attendance by third parties is a violation of terms.
The distribution and use of passwords by third parties and their connection to the platform is also a violation of terms. During your registration you have agreed to this condition and you give us the right to deactivate your account without further notice and your permanent expulsion from the system (see more here).

The copyright of all the content (Video files) of the training courses and seminars belongs entirely to CWC PRO PROFESSIONAL CULINARY STUDIES - EXPERTISE IKE.
Any reproduction, recording, retransmission, distribution, recording of the Video through storage is prohibited.
The attendance of the Video Courses is done by the registered user for his own training and ONLY.
Any breach of the terms (you have agreed upon your registration) is a breach and entitles - ESXPERTISE IKE to follow any legal process to safeguard its rights as well as deactivate the user account and permanent expulsion from our services.

Courses depending on their content are conducted in Greek or English. The language of the course is evident in its description.

Registration and Payments.

From the Register button on the top right you register and immediately gain access so you can get the courses you are interested in by including them in your Course Library.
Be sure to register once only with the contact email you have access to so that the acquisition of a course in your Library is unique. Creating a second account with another email and getting lessons in your Library is another Library and transferring a lesson from account to account is not possible.

In order to obtain courses, it is necessary to purchase it.
Payment is made exclusively by debit or credit card.
The payment is made by card with a certified institution ( and its data (card number, etc.) are not known to us as well as are not stored in our database.

The purchase you have made is for a virtual product - lesson (Virtual Product).
It can not be canceled as well as the return of the price you paid. So you have been properly informed by the course description for its selection.

Your personal data that you have just stated are immediately accessible by you to the Profile button and by asking us, their complete deletion can be done.
Deleting them completely causes your account to be deactivated and therefore you will not be able to access the system in the future.
Your personal data is not disclosed to third parties, is not transferred and is used only and exclusively for the communication and service with you.

Quick Instructions

1. Buy The Course and pay with safety.

2. Watch the Video of the lesson.

3. Download the files:

Κατεβάστε το αρχείο: Οι Συνταγές Μαθήματος.
Download file: The Course Recipes.
Κατεβάστε το αρχείο: Η Διατροφική Ανάλυση των συνταγών.
Download the file: Nutrition Facts of Recipes.
Κατεβάστε το αρχείο: Extra Tips των συνταγών.
Download the file: Extra Tips of Recipes.
Κατεβάστε το αρχείο: Food Cost των συνταγών.
Download the file: Food Cost of Recipes.

4. Answer the Quizzes.

5. Print the Certificate with your Name.


All your Οnline courses are available on Cloud and you can have access to them whenever you need them.

Watch the courses, download the files with the recipes, create your own library
and save all the knowledge in your account on

View On Line

Attend lessons from your computer at times that suit you.


The Online Learning platform of CWC PROFESSIONAL CULINARY STUDIES gives you the chance to attend a Professional Culinary Studies and gain Gastronomical knowledge and skills using any device you want (laptop, tablet, smartphone).
No matter where you are, you can have access to your education courses forever!
Learning through videos and assessments contributes to enriching your personal knowledge by watching the video courses at any time convenient to you.
Gain important and specialized knowledge into the field of Culinary Arts.
Opt for the course that best suits you, attend it and use the certificate of participation in your CV!
Learn the most delicious recipe: the recipe of your personal success!
The Expertise Culinary Network

Download the files:

Download the course files, Recipes, Food Cost Calculation, Nutrition Facts, Bonus Tips.

Download file: The Course Recipes.
Download the file: Nutrition Facts of Recipes.
Download the file: Extra Tips of Recipes.
Download the file: Food Cost of Recipes.

The Online Learning platform of CWC PROFESSIONAL CULINARY STUDIES makes it possible for you to keep the files containing the education courses and seminars forever.
You will need to save the following on your computer:

  • The .pdf file containing the Recipes with high-resolution photographs.
  • The .pdf file entitled “Nutrition Facts” that refers to the nutritional value of each recipe.
  • The .pdf file that contains Extra Bonus Tips for the recipes.
  • The Excel file that contains the Food Cost Tool which will help you calculate the cost of each recipe and modify it the way you want!

Your Library

Create your own On Line Cooking course library


  • The Online Learning platform of CWC PROFESSIONAL CULINARY STUDIES gives you the chance to create your own On Line Library with courses on Culinary Arts.
  • You have access from any device!
  • Create your own Professional Library and have access to it at any given moment.

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